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OKAY!! I’m finally putting my doujinshi up for sale!!!<3

Here’s the thing:

My latest doujinshi, "When you came into my life" is a Saint seiya yaoi doujinshi featuring Milo and Camus and a little story with Shun and Hyoga, it also includes my short story "love will keep us alive" also MiloxCamus.

It’s a 100 pages doujinshi in A5 and I’ve decided to include some extra handmade merchandise this time! (you can also get your copy signed if you want!)

You can get the basic edition, that includes 1 copy of the doujinshi plus a bookmark for 9 euros

Bronze edition includes a bookmark, a mobile strap of Milo & Camus and a special decorated sheet :) all for 14€

Silver edition is limited to 24 copies, and it includes all the merchandise previously mentioned plus a couple of magnets of Hyoga and Shun for 24€

And finally, Gold edition, limited to 12 copies, includes the full set of merchandising and also a full colour original picture of your favourite saint seiya character drawn and coloured in copics by me, signed and made specially for you :D The gold edition is 50€ (first come first served!)

As you can see, all the merchandise was drawn and handmade by me, too =D

How can I get it?

Write an email to and tell me which edition you want and -in case you want the Gold Edition- which chara you want me to draw for you (please note that due that I’ve got to make the illustrations personally so Gold editions may take a little longer to ship!), also your address, so I can calculate shipping!

Payment must be done by Paypal and I’ll send you my paypal address to your mail.

And that’s all, I think!! <3 I hope you like this and I’ll be waiting four your mails! ;)

4 gold copies left!!

2 gold editions left

ONLY 1 gold edition left, guys!!

C’mon, you can order yours^^


"Neither white flowers nor plain clothes suit you. What suits you is a passionate red, the color of spider lilies blazing in the fields. Sleep well… Madame Red.

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Alibaba, this country still has the power of hope left. The righteous power to move forward, to try to overcome fate. You’re the one who ignited it, right? Who lit up the hope in everyone’s hearts?

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nonons voice pisses me off so much idek why am I drawing her


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