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"Neither white flowers nor plain clothes suit you. What suits you is a passionate red, the color of spider lilies blazing in the fields. Sleep well… Madame Red.

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Alibaba, this country still has the power of hope left. The righteous power to move forward, to try to overcome fate. You’re the one who ignited it, right? Who lit up the hope in everyone’s hearts?

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nonons voice pisses me off so much idek why am I drawing her


"Life fiber Synchronize: Kamui Senketsu!"
"Life fiber Override: Kamui Junketsu!"


KILL la KILL illustrations by TRIGGER animator Koutarou Nakamori (中森晃太郎) for episode 23 ! Really loved Sanageyama’s part on this week’s episode, thank Hayao that Nakashima is a genius.

"I have to go all-out against you, Director. My eyes have been opened! That's where "enlightenment" comes from!"

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